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Santichai Fitness

At Santichai Fitness we strive to enhance your mind, body and spirit through the Traditional art of Muay Thai.
Our mission is to improve your fitness level, health, strength, flexibility, posture, balance and coordination.
We will teach male and female from beginners to advanced students and are open to everyone who is willing to learn Muay Thai.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the National combat sport from Thailand and is widely known as The Science of Eight Limbs because it requires its practitioners to be proficient with elbows, knees, kicks, and punches.
Muay Thai has many benefits including the development of stamina, strength, body coordination, agility, focus, awareness, self-confidence, not to mention, overall self-defense skills.


At Santichai Fitness all classes are suitable for beginners to advanced and for both male and female students. Each class will focus on improving your overall condition, technique and strength.
The classes starts with a proper warming up, following up with technique training on the boxing bags and afterwards a 1-on-1 pad training with one of the experienced trainers available.

Improve your mind, body and spirit


Our team of trainers are all Muay Thai professionals, each with a history of fighting and training Muay Thai.
The head Muay Thai trainers are either current or ex-professional fighters who have enjoyed successful ring careers with years of fighting experience to pass on to the students.
During training sessions students receive personal instruction from our trainers on Traditional Muaythai training methods including tactics, techniques and conditioning.

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Professional training with experienced fighters


  1. All course packages must be completed within 1 month. Any remaining sessions will be carry forward with purchase of packages in the following month
  2. Advance booking is adviced - call +852 3540 3508 for bookings
  3. Trial fee will be waived when course package is purchased after first trial
  4. Santichai Fitness reserves the right to amend all terms and conditions without limitations, including class fees, class schedules, and trainers, without prior notice
Santichai Fitness

Sincere House, Room 415 - 4th Floor
83 Argyle Street , Mongkok - Hong Kong - Tel: +852 3540 3508